12n2 Designs is a skater owned and operated design company for fashion and extreme sports, especially for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Besides fashion, art, and skateboarding they believe it is their mission to encourage, inspire, and empower people to pursue their dreams, passions, and visions for their future. Skateboarding, art, and fashion were their ways to escape from our everyday lives. They gave them hope, confidence, courage, and it became their message, their mission, and their platform to the world. ? What does 12n2 mean? Besides being a chess term which means see 12 moves ahead, but play for 2. “Plan for life. Plan for change.” It is also from the 12 Gates of Promise. The number 12 is the gate of establishment and change. And, 2 is the gate of direction and unity. They are establishing real change and direction through divine unity. This is why they named their company 12n2 Designs. They want their art to be a light for many, and; their work to change the hearts and lives of those around us. 12n2 is more than a company name or brand, it is a way of life. To all of their loins, lionesses, Eagles, and Tigers. It’s time to roar; it’s time to soar, and it’s time to come out of the shadows. They named their colors after different gemstones and because they believe everyone is as rare as a gemstone and as unique as a rainbow. Bold designs for bold people.
Blue lace agate
8.75 x 33 Inches
Ponce de León
8.25 x 32.25 Inches
8 x 32 Inches