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Wicked Studioz Custom Sk8boards

WELCOM TO THE WICKED STUDIOZ SK8BOARD SHOP! The reason I chose BoardPusher is because you can get custom grip tape, too! So, not only can your deck be rockin' on the bottom, but on top, as well!
COMBINATIONS~ Have F-U-N with these designs! I chose mainly because they offer custom grip tape, as well. Which means you can have one design on the BOTTOM OF THE DECK and have a completely different design ON THE TOP OF THE DECK! SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR SKATEBOARD AS ROCKIN' AS POSSIBLE!!!!

ABOUT BOARDPUSHER.COM~ The Wicked Studioz Custom Sk8 Boards shop is hosted by If you want to know more about the actual host, click on the swirly logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and it will bring you straight to their home page! The main focus of this site is customization, meaning; Its intention is for you to buy the parts that you want yourself, and assemble it yourself... Which is why I stated that this site is for "serious" boarders. If you would like BoardPusher to send you a completely assembled board, they will do that... But you're gonna pay a premium for it. Just warning you, now.

Also, be wary of particular site issues. For example; You'll notice that if you choose a particular deck, it will say "Add Grip Tape +$4.00". This is NOT the customized grip tape that Wicked Studioz offers. So if you want your board to have the customized Wicked Studioz grip tape design that matches the deck, you have to purchase Wicked Studioz customized grip tape separately, and put it on yourself. Once again, this seems like fairly obvious stuff, but hey... Wicked Studioz has a policy of being clear and concise! I do NOT want any of you left in the dark. If you have any further questions, please contact at, or give them a call at 1-(888)-615-8704.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT~ All decks are made of 100% 7 Ply Canadian Maple, the best wood for making skateboards, period. We don’t cut any corners. This is the best there is. Printed in Denver, Colorado. Our graphics are digitally printed and applied by hand, using BoardPusher’s unique Digital Heat Transfer process. All boards are guaranteed to match our online preview. (Taken from the main BoardPusher page).

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