Sell One-Off Custom Decks in Your Skateshop

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With BoardPusher Vouchers your customers can finally have anything they want on the bottom of their skateboard. Sell custom deck vouchers in your retail store.

How it works

  • A customer purchases a Voucher that includes a Code.
  • The customer enters the Voucher Code into the website listed on the Voucher.
  • The customer designs their Custom Deck on the website and submits the order.
  • BoardPusher prints the Custom Deck and ships it to the Skateshop.
  • The customer is notified by email that their deck is ready to be picked up at the Skateshop.

What's in The Starter Pack

  • 1 x 'Skate Your Own Design' Deck. The SYOD deck should be placed on the wall or with the rest of your shop's decks to spark interest in the custom decks
  • 1 x Artist Series or Pro deck. These decks are available for purchase at any time. This deck can be used as a sample to show the print resolution and quality of the wood.
  • 2 x POP display for vouchers (1 for the cash register, the other for on the wall next to the SYOD deck)
  • 10 Voucher Codes, including one code for the shop to design its own deck, and test the whole process out for themselves.
  • 2 hats, 2 t-shirts and assorted POP
  • Website with online design tool hosted at, branded with the Skate shop's logo.

For more information or to purchase your starter pack contact us.