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Grrr Dog started out as a doodle on a piece of paper which I, many years later, turned into an acrylic painting, and also a short looping animation.

Grrr Dog Popsicle Skateboard
8 x 32 Inches

Grrr Dog Retro Skateboard
10.25 x 30 Inches

Grrr Dog Punk Nose Pool Skateboard
9 x 33 Inches

Grrr Dog Mini Cruiser Skateboard
7.5 x 24.2 Inches

Grrr Dog Longboard Skateboard
9.125 x 40.5 Inches

All my board designs come in five different board shapes;
Popsicle, Punk Pool Nose, Mini Cruiser, Retro, and Longboard.
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