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Cool Froyd.

Cool Froyd.
I'll never skate well enough to get my own pro model skateboard with a skateboard company but so long as I'm skating my own skateboards, this design is my official pro model.

Cool Froyd the cat is my first animated character to almost have his own series (if I'd just keep making them) and is pretty much an unofficial mascot for my Animations. The background features many of my cartoons and is used in much of my branding on various websites.
TET: Froyd Pro Model Skateboard.

TET: Froyd Pro Model
Popsicle Skateboard

8 x 32 Inches

TET: Froyd
Punk Nose Pool Skateboard

9 x 33 Inches

TET: Froyd
Retro Skateboard

10.25 x 30 Inches

TET: Froyd
Mini Cruiser Skateboard

7.5 x 24.2 Inches

TET: Froyd
Longboard Skateboard

9.125 x 40.5 Inches

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