President Of Astronauts Design Company is a fun new way to display your favorite artwork, movies, sports idols, or characters on your walls. I started PoAD because I had always gone to cons, and my thing was I would bring a deck I'd buy off eBay or Amazon or somewhere and have a lot of artists present sign it. Well, I was going to Astronomicon in Detroit because Jay and Silent Bob, as well as Dante, Randall, and the rest of the ViewAskew group were going to be there. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single deck I could find for sale. Up until now one never existed. So now I'm putting your favorite characters, images, bands, movie, athlete, etc on a board that you can bring to your next con and have your favorite artists or stars sign it! They make amazing, unique gifts or displays. They also happen to be fully functional skateboards (equipment not included in base price). Below are some examples but please feel free to click in drop down menu on the top left to see our entire inventory! We have added a page highlighting items we sale of guest at an upcoming con! CURRENTLY WE ARE FOCUSING ON FANEXPO CHICAGO