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I am a southern guy who moved out to california when i was 12. I only lived on the west coast for 5 years and then moved back to Georgia. Living in southern california i met family that i previously hadn't met before. I got into skateboarding about a year and a half after moving out there. Before getting into skateboarding I was showing out in front of new friends that my brother and i just made after moving out to El Cajon, Ca . I jumped from a fence to a swingset frame. I grabbed the top pole of the swingset but it was wet and moist outside that night and my hands slipped. I fell really hard on my back and my head slammed the ground really hard. A year and a half later in the summer of 1996 I had my first seizure after staying up all night long. I love skateboarding it is my sport of choice and what interests me more than football or baseball, or any other sport. Since i can't skate anymore, I want to be able to supply skateboarders all over the world with decks and hopefully more products later in the future.
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