FlowCo Boards is a homegrown board shop offering the good, the bad, and the ugly side of skate culture. We specialize in gearing a unique Colorado style to your board. As the key designer, I've always loved the skating and board lifestyle - and Colorado has its own unique high and free vibe. Flowco Boards encapsulates this unique chi into each of its designs.
FlowCo - Dream Custom Skateboard
7.75 x 31.75 Inches
FlowCo - Nightmare Custom Skateboard
8.25 x 32.25 Inches
FlowCo Logo Board
8.5 x 32 Inches
Bad Omens I - FlowCo Boards
9.125 x 40.5 Inches
Bad Omen II - FlowCo Boards
8.75 x 33.25 Inches