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The Bearded Snapper
So I've finally launched this site after receiving an overwhelming response for the decks I've commissioned for Moxi Roller Skates. For that, I'm extremely grateful! While these decks are 100% skate-able, my aim was to try to find an alternative other than using a plain, boring canvas to show case my work. Since 99% of my work as of late deals with roller skates and skate parks, I figured that the services that Board Pushers provides are a perfect fit for me!

Thanks for supporting DIY artists! Skating and photography both share a common bond; style. Just like the skaters I photograph, I can see one’s style of skating. I have my own technique and my own style to how I shot. Ultimately I just hope that you’ll enjoy my style of photography and want to see more of it.

I will be releasing more designs here within the month featuring some other skaters I've shot over the past 10 months. So keep an eye out for updates on my Facebook photo page.

For a limited time only, any deck that is purchased, I will donate ALL of the proceeds to help fund the Moxi Skate Team World Mission Trip to Europe so they can attend the International Roller Fest in Barcelona, Spain.

In closing, I'll keep doing my thing; capturing you all doing your thing!

~ Mark 'The Bearded Snapper'

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