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TET Skateboard Designs
Skateboard Complete

Buy one of my skateboards and
make it complete with the best
components from top brands.

TET - Blast Shield Glasses
All my skateboards are BoardPusher, pro quality, 7 ply, 100% Canadian Maple, made in North America, supporting unique artwork created by me, Australian Artist and Skateboarder, TET, A.K.A. 'The Extraordinary Tourist'.(or my real name, David Arandle)

Skateboards should be skated, and my boards are no exception. Every scratch is a mark of respect because you went out and skated a deck that motivates you to progress and learn. I've been skateboarding since 1988 and I know I always skate better and learn faster on decks that I really like.

I stock standard 8” Popsicle decks as well as longboard, cruiser, and retro shapes should you like to try something different for your second board. Buy just the deck or purchase a complete skateboard.

Watch the video playlist above to see how I create my art then check out my range of designs below. Be sure to browse all sections for different board shapes/types and griptape designs. You can find me on Social Media using any of the icons at the top of this page or email me at
All my board designs come in five different board shapes;
Popsicle, Punk Pool Nose, Mini Cruiser, Retro, and Longboard.
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